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  • How can community-based organisations best monitor and communicate their own effectiveness at energy demand reduction, and learn from their work?

  • What are the limits and barriers?

  • What are the effects and impacts of the LCCC interventions on behaviour change, energy use, and CO2 reductions, and how sustainable are they?

  • How useful is DECoRuM for communities and policy makers in measuring, tracking, visualising and communicating CO2 savings to communities?

  • How are energy displays used in a social context, and how can they be used to best effect to raise awareness and change practices?

  • What is the role of social networks in promoting or suppressing the communication and take-up of new energy technologies, and how far do these interconnect with local community networks?

  • What is the role of cross-learning within a broad 'community of interest', for energy-related change?

Core research questions

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