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Easterside is a mixed tenure estate, and is among the top 20% most disadvantaged areas in England. It is a strong community with a long history of neighbourhood action.  The bid for LCCC funding was led by Middlesbrough Council and Middlesbrough Environment City, a city wide environmental charity, in partnership with the Easterside partnership, an established local community organisation.


The  objectives of the  LCCC funded Eco-Easterside project  are to raise awareness among residents to reduce carbon emissions from domestic housing and public buildings and facilities;  reduce energy use and save residents on household bills; encourage the use of active and sustainable transport;  and contribute to sustainable, healthy living by encouraging residents to grow their own food.  

Low Carbon Community Challenge (LCCC) funding

 LCCC funding has been used to:

  • Help 3 schools on the estate achieve Green Flag Eco-School standard

  • Install two 15 metre wind turbines in schools on the estate

  • Equip the Easterside Community Resource centre with solar PVs

  • Help 280 households (that were not eligible for CERT programmes) to insulate their homes

  • Equip 20 local households with solar PVS , solar hot water and/or air-source heat pumps in exchange for residents becoming community champions

  • Fit two streets with low energy LED lighting

  • Supply 600 domestic properties  with energy display monitors with energy advice

  • Create an electric car club

  • Support local food growing schemes and rain water harvesting


The FiTs from the renewable installations will be donated to Eco Easterside Partnership and used to fund further community projects.



Eco-Easterside has previously run community food growing, cycling and energy awareness. Eco-Easterside is trying to set up its own food buying cooperative to bring in fresh fruit and vegetables. The council has already provided loft and cavity wall insulation to many houses in the area through Go Warm and Warm Front schemes.

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