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Low Carbon West Oxford & West Oxford Community Renewables

Low Carbon Community Challenge (LCCC) funding

The LCCC funding was used to develop WOCR’s pipeline of renewable energy projects. The funding has supported the installation of solar photovolatic (solar PV) panels on the roof of a local secondary school (100 kWp system), a local supermarket (Aldi), the not for profit organisation (the King’s centre), and on Social housing (10 kWp systems over 5 houses). Other projects in the pipeline include the development of a microhydro scheme on the weir.



LCWO runs various projects including their successful Low carbon living programme to help local householders reduce energy use,  transport , food, tree and wildlife, waste reduction and shared resources.


Between 2007-2011:

  • WOCR launched its share offer which has raised over £30,000 installed PVs on a range of community buildings, and pioneered a green lease

  • LCWO engaged more than 270 local residents as volunteers, members and supporters; worked with more than 95 householders in their Low Carbon Living Programme to reduce CO2 emission, planted over 1600 tree, set up a community car club run by Street Car


In 2008 – 2009 LCWO was a finalist in NESTA’s Big Green Challenge competition, winning the runner up prize. In 2010 Corpus Christi college leased their sports ground to WOCR for the peppercorn rent of one jar of honey. The site is now being developed into a community resource in partnership with Low Carbon West Oxford and Low Carbon South Oxford through tree planting and environmental activities.


At the end of 2010 LCWO was named Oxfordshire charity of the year. From 2010-2011 LCWO and WOCR have been working in partnership with Oxford City Council to support other local climate change and energy groups to develop renewable energy and carbon cutting projects in their community. LCWO has automated its Quicksilver carbon calculator which is now being used by other communities.

Residents in West Oxford set up LCWO, a charity, and WOCR, an IPS to help people take practical action on climate change. WOCR generates renewable energy and donates the surplus to LCWO to run further carbon cutting projects in the community. This generates a double carbon cut which reduces the cost of carbon reduction, as well as a range of other community benefits. The residents aim to achieve an 80% reduction in emissions in West Oxford by 2050.

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