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Kirklees Greening the Gap

Low Carbon Community Challenge (LCCC) funding

LCCC funding has been used to install solar PVs and other energy efficiency measures onto 53 domestic properties and the Muslim, Chinese and Hudawi  community centres. The FIT revenues from the renewable installations on the households and community centres will be used to create a community energy fund which will fund further low carbon work in the community for the next 25 years.  The fund will be managed by a board community representatives (including from community centres and schools), local councillors, council officers, and service providers.

Greening the Gap project has also delivered various energy efficiency training initiatives to community centre operatives and householders; provided energy displays and energy tips to households; been a catalyst for a green handyman training scheme; and improved membership of the Landlords and Private rented property accreditation scheme.  



Greening the Gap builds upon strong existing multi-agency partnerships aimed at carbon reduction and social wellbeing. It also builds on various other council initiatives in the area including Kirklees Warm Zone scheme which aimed provided free wall and loft insulation to every house in Kirklees.


Hillhouse is a neighbourhood of around 768 households in Huddersfield with strong community networks and community centres. It has a diverse mix of residents with over 65% from minority ethnic groups, including a transient population of asylum seekers. It is one of the most deprived areas in the UK and has an unusually high proportion of privately owned hard to treat homes. The LCCC-funded Greening the Gap project is a council led initiative which aims to encourage positive behaviour change among residents to reduce carbon emissions as well as act as a catalyst for wider community benefits such as affordable warmth, skill development, job creation,  improved health stronger communities.

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