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EVALOC international energy & communities conference

Conference brochure
Conference report



Session 1: Inaugural session

Gupta, R. Introduction to the conference


Nunn, R. Seeding community energy action through Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF): what did we learn?



Session 2: Global vs community-scale approaches for tackling the climate crisis

Fink, J. Neighbourhood-, urban-, and global-scale solutions to the energy and climate crisis: observations from Portland, Oregon


Ornetzeder, M. The role of community building processes in sustainable energy projects: experiences from Austria



Session 3: Innovating at the grassroots level: creating low energy communities

Graham, T. Creating sustainable communities in Malmo, Sweden


Lall, A. Strategies for low energy communities in urban India



Session 4: Workshops
Workshop 1: learning from monitoring and evaluation of low energy housing refurbishment

Gupta, R., Barnfield, L. and Arora, P. Approaches and challenges in monitoring and evaluating low energy housing refurbishments.


Passmore, S. Reality of energy savings in housing refurbishments


Burrows, K. Evaluating whole-house retrofit for future projects


Workshop 2: researching and evaluating low carbon communities

Ingram, N. Learning from Derwenthorpe low carbon community: opportunities and challenges


Alexander, R. Learning from evaluation of a low carbon community in Blacon, Chester


Hauxwell-Baldwin, R. Evaluating low carbon communities funded by the LCCC programme


Workshop 3: communities and Green Deal: opportunities and challenges

Strong, D. Green Deal: opportunities for engagement


Newbery, B. What communities could do in preparing for Green Deal


Cherian, R., Gupta, R. and Gregg, M. Preparing for Green Deal: carbon mapping households in Bicester



Session 5: Closing Plenary

Rouse, P. Energy and communities research and practice: future challenges and opportunities


Church, C. Engaging with community energy action: future opportunities

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