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Kirklees fuel poverty event

Kirklees, 7th December 2011


This event was organised by Kirklees Council and held at Hillhouse/Birkby/Fartown Community Centre on 7th December 2011. The objectives were to be as informal and fun as possible  and to speak to as many residents as possible in order to offer practical support (including on energy saving); to showcase the Hillhouse Community Centre and celebrate the learners that have been involved in the centre; to promote local services in the context of the welfare reform ; and to raise the profile of the work in Hillhouse on carbon reduction  The event was billed as a community celebration. Everyone from the local community was invited.


Around 80 people attended, throughout the course of the day mainly women from the Asian community and their children. There were opportunities for interactive learning with council staff at information stalls, interactive activities such as the energy saving quiz, and art activities for kids. There was also food and an interactive quiz. People were entered into a raffle providing carbon saving gadgets if they visited all the information stalls. There were also displays, posters, information pamphlets, leaflets.  Feedback forms from participants indicated it was an effective learning event, and provided an important social event for people who may otherwise feel isolated.

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