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Community - council energy partnership workshop

Oxford, 14th January 2012

Community-Council energy partnership workshop held at the Low Carbon Communities Network (LCCN) Conference, 14th January 2012 in the Kings Centre, Oxford.


The momentum for this workshop came from two directions:

1) Low Carbon West Oxford (LCWO) and West Oxford Community Renewables (WoCoRe)  suggested that they would like one of EVALOC’s shared learning workshops to be on community-council energy partnerships

2)  Community – council energy partnerships had been identified as a workshop topic for the LCCN’s annual conference.


It seemed opportune to deliver the EVALOC workshop at the Low Carbon Communities Network (LCCN) conference, as this would allow learning to be gathered from, and shared with, a wider range of participants; enable communities to benefit from other conference workshops; and provide added capacity to the LCCN conference organisers.


Workshop Aims and Focus:

1. To facilitate shared learning (between Low Carbon Communities) about council-community partnership approaches/strategies to household energy reduction/generation interventions with both the ‘able to pay’ and low income/fuel poor households

2. To help Low Carbon Communities clarify the roles and responsibilities of different actors on domestic energy reduction, in the context of the emerging Energy Company Obligation (ECO) for fuel poor and vulnerable households, and the Green Deal.


Workshop Content:

The workshop included presentations on three examples of partnership working across the UK (1. Low Carbon West Oxford, West Oxford Community Renewables and Low Carbon Oxford, 2. Eco Easterside, and 3.Haringey Council). Kirklees Council provided a presentation but was unable to attend the conference.

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