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Creativity, energy and climate change

Manchester, 8th February 2013

The creativity and climate change workshops took place at Bridge 5 Mill in Manchester on 8-9th February 2013. Two groups who were using creative methods to engage their wider communities with issues of energy and climate change (Awel Aman Tawe (AAT) and Low Carbon West Oxford (LCWO) had expressed a desire to share their experience with, and learn from, other groups who wanted to explore energy and climate change in their communities using creativity.


The workshop was designed jointly with AAT and LCWO, and was attended by an additional two groups involved in EVALOC (Eco Easterside and Sustainable Blacon), plus individual artists and groups engaged in arts, climate change and energy issues from Manchester and the surrounding area. The workshop featured four hands on session about visual arts, design, poetry and theatre and music.

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