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University of Oxford


Jo Hamilton joined the ECI in 2006, as coordinator of the ECI led local engagement project Oxfordshire ClimateXchange. ClimateXchange has helped develop and support local community groups, working alongside other local support agencies, and has worked innovatively to engage a variety of individuals and groups in climate change and energy through workshops and events ranging from creative writing to engaging local businesses involved in the building and construction trades. In partnership with COIN’s Ecovation project ClimateXchange has organised three successful county wide eco-home open days, attracting over 2,000 visitors to eco-renovated homes.


Jo is focusing her research on community led energy and governance projects, and in peer to peer learning on home eco-renovation. Alongside the EVALOC project she is also working on a project called UNLOC: Understanding Local and Community Governance of Energy.


Jo holds an MSc in Energy and Environment Studies from the Centre for Alternative Technology / UEL, and a BA in social anthropology and English from the University of Manchester.


Prior to joining the ECI, Jo has worked with Sustrans, has developed and delivered climate change training materials and workshops with COIN (Climate Outreach and Information Network), and freelance work encompassing workshops and trainings on the  information, practical action and emotional support needed to respond to climate change and social justice issues.

Jo Hamilton

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