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University of Oxford


Dr Karen Lucas is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford Transport Studies Unit.  From 1997-2008, she was Director of Research for the Centre for Sustainable Development and a Principal Research Fellow in the Transport Studies Group at the University of Westminster.  She has more than fifteen years of experience of undertaking action research with local communities and key decision-makers on a variety of topics and in different geographical contexts, both in the UK and worldwide.


For the past ten years, she has pioneered a programme of research looking at ways to represent and address the local environmental concerns of people living in low income neighbourhoods, with a particular focus on the links between their experiences of environmental (in)justice and social exclusion and has published extensively on this topic, including a 2010 joint publication for Earthscan entitles Social Sustainability in Urban Areas: Communities, Connectivity and the Urban Fabric and is Associate Editor for the Journal of Transport Geography.  Dr Lucas is a regular advisor to national governments in the UK, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand and is an active member a number of advisory bodies.

Dr Karen Lucas

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