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Tuesday 31st March 2015


The EVALOC final report is here...


To celebrate the launch of the EVALOC final report, members of the EVALOC research team from the Low Carbon Building Group, Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development, Oxford Brookes University and the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford convened a conference for community stakeholders, practitioners and industry partners in the John Henry Brookes Building, Oxford Brookes University. The main aim of the day was to share and discuss the findings and messages from various elements of the EVALOC research project, as well as hear insights from the low carbon communities involved.


EVALOC researchers outlined findings on the role of community based social learning in stimulating energy and carbon reductions, the impacts and effectiveness of household energy improvements, energy feedback approaches and social network analysis. The EVALOC energy and communities toolkit was also unveiled, and will be developed further over the next months. After a series of question and clarification sessions, members of Middlesbrough Environment City, the Easterside Partnership and Sustainable Blacon gave short presentations on their experiences of being part of a low carbon community, and participating in EVALOC. There was very positive feedback from the audience, and the EVALOC team would like to thank all involved in the project over the past four years.



- Overall presentation on the key findings from EVALOC is available here. 


- Short video of the event and feedback from delegates is available here.


- Presentation video 1: Introduction to the EVALOC conference 2015


- Presentation video 2: Overview of the EVALOC project


- Presentation video 3: The role of community-based social learning in stimulating energy saving behaviours


- Presentation video 4: Carbon mapping communities; monitoring and evaluation of household energy improvements


- Presentation video 5: Energy feedback approaches: making energy visible


- Presentation video 6: Social network analysis


- Presentation video 7: EVALOC Energy and Communities Toolkit


- Presentation video 8: What was it like? Contributions from EVALOC community groups



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