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University of Oxford


Dr Nick Eyre is Programme Leader of the Lower Carbon Futures group in the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, and a Senior Research Fellow in Energy at Oriel College, Oxford.  He is a Co-Director of the UK Energy Research Centre, leading its work on energy demand.  Nick previously worked at the Energy Saving Trust as Director of Strategy and, on secondment, in Cabinet Office, where he was a co-author of the Government’s 2002 Review of Energy Policy. 



Nick has been a researcher, consultant, policy analyst and programme manager on energy and environment issues for 25 years.  His current research interests focus on energy policy, especially with respect to energy demand.  These include both national policy levers such as economic instruments and more dispersed interventions through local, community and supply chain initiatives.  Nick has published extensively on energy and climate issues, including being a co-author of a book on carbon markets.  He is a lead author on Buildings for both the Global Energy Assessment and for the Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC. 

Dr Nick Eyre

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